India vs Australia test match Day 2

India vs Australia

India vs Australia test match Day 2 summry

India vs Australia test match Day 2 started India’s score was 77/1 in Day 1, Rohit Sharma gave India a very fast start. Back in the same form, Rohit and Ravichandran Ashwin came to bowl on Day 2. Rohit Sharma and Ravichandran Ashwin’s partnership lasted a long time. Till now India had the upper hand but Marfy, who was debuting in Australia’s team, came as a twist. Even in Day 1, Marfy c&b K L Rahul. In Day 2, Marfy took the wicket of Ravichandran Ashwin playing for 23 runs and gave Australia a big break through.

C Pujara came to support Rohit Sharma and he also became the victim of Murphy by scoring 7 runs. Marfy, who is debuting for Australia, has given Australia 3 wickets so far. But Murphy did not stop here, his next wicket came in the form of Virat Kohli who was dismissed after scoring 12 runs in 26 balls.

Surya Kumar Yadav, who is making his Test match debut, came to extend the innings and support Rohit Sharma. Whose form has been very good in white ball cricket, but he gave his wicket to Australian spin bowler Nathan Lyon.

Rohit Sharma was still standing to handle the innings with one left. He completed his 100 runs in 171 balls, Day 1 hero Ravindra Jadeja came to support him who took 5 wickets. Now he had to show the same work by his own strength. Rohit Sharma and Ravindra Jadeja took the inning very deep, their partnership lasted a long time.

India vs Australia

Australia’s captain Pete Kameez broke this partnership by dismissing Rohit Sharma playing for 120 runs. S Bharat, who was debuting with the Indian team, gave his wicket to Murphy after scoring 8 runs. In such a situation, Australian bowler Murphy, who is making his debut, has so far taken 5 wickets in his name.

Ravindra Jadeja and Akshar Patel, who came to support him, together made a huge partnership of 81 runs in Day 2 and reached India’s score at 321/7.