Ravichandran Ashwin Eoin Morgan Tim Southee Dinesh Karthik Dinesh Karthik intervened when Ravichandran Ashwin had an argument with Eoin Morgan and Tim Southee. (source- screenshot)

Ravichandran Ashwin did not fight Eoin Morgan and Tim Southee during the match against Kolkata Knight Riders. He only stood up for his right. India's experienced spinner himself has said this. It has also said that Eoin Morgan and Tim Southee do not have the right to teach moral lessons to others. Ravichandran Ashwin, part of Delhi Capitals in the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2021, broke his silence through a tweet on his alleged feud with Morgan and Saudi.

He made several tweets in this regard in a row. Ashwin wrote, 'I ran only after the fielder threw and I did not know that the ball hit Rishabh's body. Even if I see this, will I run? Yes and it is my right. Was it fair for Morgan to insult me by calling me a stigma? No way.' Ashwin says that it was his right to take runs in that incident of the 19th over. The overthrow also led to an altercation between Tim Southee of Kolkata Knight Riders and Eoin Morgan and Ashwin.

Ashwin told that Morgan insulted him by calling him disgrace (stigma). He wrote, 'I did not fight, nor insult anyone, but defended myself. This is what my teachers and parents taught me. Teach your children to stand up for themselves. Morgan and Saudi make their own rules about what is right and what is wrong. They have no right to teach moral lessons to others and use derogatory words.

He wrote, 'I am more than surprised that people are debating this and trying to express who is good and who is bad.' He wrote in another tweet, 'In this game lakhs of young men and women try to build their careers by playing in their own style. Teach them that stealing runs on one wrong throw can make you a career and standing out at the non-striker's end can damage your career.

Ashwin wrote, 'Don't confuse him by saying that by not taking runs in such situations or warning the player, you become a good person. These instructions are given by those who have fed from the game and have achieved success. Ashwin also expressed his opinion on different parameters of so called sportsmanship.

Ashwin said, 'All I think is that you give your all on the field and play within the rules. You compete boldly on the field and shake hands when the match is over. For me this is the definition of spirit of the game. That's the spirit of the game I understand.

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